The Yellow Zombie Quiz

The Yellow Zombie Quiz was a compilation of questions and answers contributed by the various members of the AP Crowd. A copy of the quiz is/was kept at the Get Real Philippines Community.

Note: The contents of this document may be offensive to some. If you are offended by it, please click “Back” on your browser.

For the rest, PLAY ON!

But before that, an important reminder: although this quiz was intended to have 15 questions, this is *still* a work in progress. Feel free to add your comments and suggestions below. Some questions are contributions forom other people – their names are listed below.

1. Who is the “father” of Nuclear energy in the Philippines and author of “Trailblazing: The Quest for Energy and Self-Reliance”?

A. Ferdinand Marcos

B. Geronimo Z. Velasco

Answer: B

2. Which interests will be negatively affected once the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant becomes operational?

A. Anglo-American oil interests

B. The interests of the Filipino people

Answer: A

3. Do you consider Ferdinand Marcos, Sr. as a patriot, who places national interest above everyone else’s (including his)?

Note: Although the answers vary, the short answer should be “Mostly No to No.”

The zombiefication process will begin at this point. If you have more than 500%, you cannot continue and you will be labeled as a yellow Zombie. Choose your answers well.

4. According to a YouTube Video, the Philippines will collapse x years after 1986. x = ?

A. 10 years

B. 20 years

C. 30 years

D. It won’t collapse. Marcos was a delusional ex-dictator who made ludicrous statements in exile!

A = 5%, B = 0%, C = 5%, D = 10%

5. What is/was your perception of Congresswoman G. Arroyo (Pampanga) during her stint in the presidency?

A. Kapal talaga ng mukha, dapat magpakamatay na ang pamilya nyang kurakot

B. Those corruption allegations leave little to be desired

C. She should face trial for those corruption scandals para magkalaman na

D. She did a lot of good things to the country, but her colleagues are giving her negative publicity.

E. One of the best leaders we had

A = 15%, B = 10%, C = 10%, D = 5%, E = 0%

6. What’s your opinion on “the noisy minority” who always complain about PNoy’s alleged “incompetence” during the Quirino Hostage Crisis, “Pilipinas Kay Ganda”, Carmela Mislang and that Porsche Turbo?

A. They’re jealous since their candidate/s lost.

B. PNoy is not superman, he cannot do everything on his own, he needs the entire Filipino people to help him.

C. He’s still learning, let’s give him time.

D. I thought he’s the Philippines’ hope, but after a few months of these, I regret voting for him.

E. Well, that’s what Filipinos get for voting someone with no experience. I DID NOT vote for him!

A = 35%, B = 25%, C = 15%, D = 5%, E = -15%

7. What are your thoughts on Constitutional Amendments?

A. Hell no! That dwarf will use that as an opportunity to become Prime Minister!

B. We do not need it. Instead, we need to “amend” the people running the government.

C. It should be debated.

D. Maybe we should revise the Constitution. It may have some flaws.

E. I say Cluster F-bombs on the Protectionist, centralized, Manila- and oligarch-centric Cory Constitution! We only end up electing retards, actors, warlords and druglords. And the right time to change the system is NOW!

A = 30%, B = 20%, C = 10 %, D = -5%, E = -10%

8. Looking back on Marcos 25 years after he was overthrown, what do you think of his legacy?


B. I think it was worth it to get rid of him… but it feels like Animal Farm, we only replaced him with something worse.

C. Maybe we were better off with Marcos in power.

D. Although we are thankful that we have freedoms, I believe that Ferdinand Marcos, Sr. did great things during his 20 year stint in Malacañang.

A = 50%, B = 15%, C = -20%, D = 0%

9. What are your thoughts on the Filipino-Canadian pre-teen who sang a rendition of Lady Gaga’s “Born this Way”, the Filipino-American producers of a short film that won an Oscar and another Fil-Am entering American Idol?


B. Why should I care?! Will it provide food on our table? No!

A = 20%, B = 0%

10. Which is correct?

A. If there’s no corruption, then there’s no poverty.

B. Poverty makes people corrupt.

A = 20%, B = 0%

11. What’s your stand on mining in the country?

A. For as long as they follow rules and regulations imposed by the national government and minimize its impact on the environment, why not?!


A = -5%, B = 20%

12. Go to and answer the quiz.

Result 1 = -10%

Result 2 = 10%

End of Original Quiz. At this point, you may want to check your scores.

13. What are your thoughts on the 2Girls1Cup video? Rate it from -5 to 5. (-5 for I can’t watch this, 0 for meh, and 5 for this is too tame.)

This question is for fun. Back to serious stuff.

14. If your boss is Heidi Mendoza/George Rabusa, will you work for them?

A. Why not?! They’re the ones who are following the “Daan na Matuwid”.

B. I’d rather work for Willie Revillame, because Heidi and George are the ones who are destroying the credibility of the institutions that they serve/used to serve.

A = 25%, B = 0%

Contributors and source of question:

  • 5, 7: Maco Atienza (AP Crowd)
  • 6: Jay Paloma (AP Crowd)
  • 8: Francis Santos-Viola (AP Crowd)

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