The Selfie Phenomena

Note: No selfies or self-taken shots of people will be posted here. This aims to be a (mostly) serious study on people who take photographs of themselves.

Warning: Such acts (taking self-shots) could be in violation of Presidential Decree 1178, an act originally designated to regulate aerial photography.

As cameras and camera-equipped gadgets become more available, a new phenomena emerges: people taking pictures of themselves. From the socialites to the social climbers to the socialists, it seems that virtually everyone engages in this behavior. Such behavior has been amplified with the rise of social networking and applications dedicated to photography, like Instagram. This study aims to (add rationale/excuse here).

Selfies are basically self-taken photographs of people that are either uploaded to social networking webistes or kept for “personal use”.

A news television program aired on April 28, 2013 mentioned the different types of self-taken photographs. Some of the more common types are the “Duckface” and “mirror shots” . In the same television program, psychologist Mike de Vera mentioned that people who habitually take self-taken shots have symptoms of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Such people, according to him, are seeking attention from other people and become conversation points.

Narcissism usually leads to what some people call as “unwanted self-importance”. Encyclopedia Dramatica describes it as a “disease that gives you the feeling that you are actually worth something despite not having made any contributions to anything at all.” Despite its offensive labeling, Encyclopedia Dramatica’s definition is accurate in describing such phenomena.


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