Shame on Text

This page documents stray texts and spam coming from Philippine mobile numbers.
Messages sent from 3-to-6 digit numbers aren't posted, since this page documents
shit sent from ordinary mobile phone lines.
Also, we remove the first four digits of the offending mobile phone number
and replace it with the carrier that "owns" the number for privacy reasons
(Example: 09210000000 becomes SMART0000000)

Received:04032010 @ 2136 PHT
Content:.LgAY mO d2 uNG 1st Letter nG MhaL mO @ pza mO sA 23 na
taoNg kaibgan mO, pag di-mO ! pNZa 2, 23 dayZ kNg mMLAcN . . .xNxa
nhA aukO mLCn,

r + a + p + m+ k +a + n + n + a + k + e + c + j+ m + j + c + v + J +
e + o + m + x + A + f + m + j + d + c + w + m +
Note: the guys is a confirmed textspeak user

Received:06022011 @ 1347 PHT
Content:oi nkta mo scandal ni angelica? grabe ang wild! nasa <url redacted> daw a?
Note: Angelica refers to Angelica Paganiban, a notable Filipino entertainment personality.
And no, I'm not interested.

Received:08042011 @ 1518 PHT
Content:musta na kayo dyan.eto na ang bago roaming number ko.d2 na kayo mgttxt palagi eerase nyo
ang dati kasi nasimblockna.mis u all at ingat palagi
Note: Here's my reply: "If yo really know me, answer this question:
where am I studying and what is my surname?"
The dumb bitch didn't bother to send me another message.

Received:08042011 @ 1518 PHT
Content:cp#<GLOBE>2749115 loadan 150 lea
Note: fuck off

Received:10242011 @ 1124 PHT
Content:(Tuparin mo ito) WE LOVE YOU MAMA MARY. Pass this to 18 frendz
promise 22l0ng sya sa problema, wag mo erase agad. have faith. =)

Received:01222012 @ 1007 PHT
Content:Congrats! Ur sim no., Had won 2nd prize worth (P780,000.00)
Handog Pangkabuhayan fr: AQUINO Foundation. Call Now"I"m Atty. ANTONIO
FERRER. DTI permit# 92111s11.
Note: Boss mong panot