2015: Year in Review (Initial thoughts)

January: Thanksgiving because of subjects passed in the previous semester

February: Smartphone loss

May & June – redemption, disappointments and a near-miss

late June to early July: IS DAT SUM CP? (Pinoy edition); 14-556 Obergefell v. Hodges (06/26/2015)

September to October: Taking a new path + conflict in priorities

November: Another year, another set of struggles

December:  end of the line (?)


#GamerGate – Positive: expansion, branching off and multiple successes and exposes. Negative: Infighting and setbacks, perceived or otherwise.

OpenStreetMap – growth and renewal (updating the map)


More details and other stuff in a later post. Until then, Happy New Year!


On the dorm issue in Diliman

Since we have too many students and not enough accommodations for the Isko and Iska in UP Diliman, might as well solve it in the short-term by making arrangements with landlords, residents and other people to provide accommodation for the students who are affected by the lack of places where they can to stay during their stint with UP Diliman, provided that they are accessible, affordable and safe. In the long-term, interested parties (including the UP Diliman) must build accessible, affordable, safe and comfortable facilities in the area to house the students in UP Diliman and other nearby colleges and universities that have their share of low income students.

Other constituent universities and units of the UP system, please take note. It may happen to you.

The road to Thesis (update 2)

I’m currently documenting the process of making my own thesis about red flags or danger signals for Filipino students who are more likely to have depression or become more suicidal (see my initial entry). Based on what I’ve observed (personally or otherwise), depression is a serious matter. If you or some one that you know or love has telltale signs of depression or depressive disorder, please seek help from a professional. Resources and helplines on suicide prevention are listed here. Natasha Goulbourn Foundation also has resources and relevant information on  depression and suicide.

The brief update can be found here.