Terms of Service

I hate it when they put a lot of legal mumbo jumbo in their Terms of Service. Thankfully, I don’t have a lawyer. But you still have to abide the rules, as listed below. (Very Important Note: WordPress’ Terms of Service, which is a source of one of the many terms and conditions written below, also apply.)

You (the visitor)

  • Can be accessed by anyone over 13 at their own risk
  • Can comment on most posts and some pages, provided that the text has to be in English or a Philippine language/dialect (Tagalog, Cebuano, etc.), and your intention is to provide commentary (and the occasional flame). [Note: comments in sticky caps will be retained. It is my responsibility to “interpret” them well lest I offend the original commentator.]
  • Can click on the links provided by the author at his/her own risk.
  • Can take responsibility for their comments, in the same way that I am responsible for my posts and/or comments.
  • Can reply to any criticism posted on my posts, but it must be posted on the comments section, for security reasons.
  • Can repost any material on this site, provided that it follows the legal code of the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Philippines License.
  • Cannot advertise nor promote anything through the comments section (unless previously notified through electronic and non-electronic means)
  • Cannot place tinyurl, bit.ly, or similar links on the comments section of my posts/pages, as this could mean you are trying to promote and/or advertise something or you have malicious intent doing so (spreading viruses, hoaxes, etc.)
  • Cannot advertise any of the following: breast and penis enlargements/enhancements, medicines, pornographic materials, sexual favors, online chatting services, social networking invitations, and the like. Reason: They sound like spam messages, are malicious, and this blog is non-commercial, though licensed under a Creative Commons license, which is intended for a commercial purpose.
  • Cannot post comments that may get you or someone else in trouble, may compromise one’s private information, including but not limited to links to various accounts on social networking sites, phone numbers (mobile and landline), and location(s), unless your intention is not harmless to either party (comment poster and intended “target”).

Note: The terms of service can change AT ANY TIME, under the blog author’s discretion.