Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have tumblr?

I do not have one. A friend of mine (let’s call her Judith) somewhat introduced me to tumblr. To some, it’s a hybrid of Twitter and WordPress. In my honest opinion, I do not need another blog to maintain (I could transfer to posterous. But for now, I’m staying).

Do you add tags/markings/watermarks on images that you hosted on your blog?

See this page from the Wikimedia Commons. Plus, watermarks are ugly and serve no purpose (per this comment).

When are you going to add a blogroll?

I already did.

Are you going to put up a blogroll for your friends/classmates/anyone that you know in UPLB?

As soon as I get to publish 3 OpenStreetMap-related posts. But for now, no link or rel=”nofollow”. And don’t try to sneak in their formspring pages. Blogroll is for blogs only.

Do you camwhore? Are you vain?

I don’t camwhore, since it’s against the law [per Section 3(c) of PD 1178]. When it comes to looks, not that much.

Can I contact you?

Sure. Just go to this page.

Your contact pissed me off or made me butthurt. Can you take that shit down?

Yes, if you ask politely (a sample page will be up soon) using the Feedback section of this blog.