Contacting me

There are ways to contact me and to add me to your various social networking networks/lists. I also do my blogging business in other sites as well. Sadly, I have to either maintain them or to make final posts and redirect here. (You can also find a partial list on the “find me” section, at the right side of this page.)

You can also contact me here.

Friendster (a top social networking site, majority of its users are Filipinos) : or (guaranteed not a private account)

Twitter (has social networking bits weaved on it, asks you: “What are you doing?”) :

OpenStreetMap (an editable map of the world, built largely by GPS traces, released under an open content license, like Wikipedia only with maps) :

Rodovid (a free multilingual family tree portal, designed for people who are into family history; also freely licensed) : (account) (my family tree)

Formspring (an online service that allows you to answer questions from almost anyone with an internet connection) :