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Protests at Ivanka Trump residence, one resident wants none of it

San Pablo, Philippines – Another day, another protest against the Donald J. Trump administration.

Last Saturday night (Sunday morning in the Philippines), hundreds of protesters initially gathered at the Dupont Center in the northwestern part of Washington, DC for the “Queer Dance Party for Climate Justice at Ivanka Trump’s House!”, organized by Queer Resistance. Based on the event’s description, it aims to send a message to Ivanka Trump, daughter of the president of the United States and Rex Tillerson, the United States’ Secretary of State concerning issues such as environmental regulations, funding of the Environmental Protection Agency, the Dakota Access Pipeline, and census questions regarding sexual orientation and gender identity.

During the protest, participants were yelling obscenities targeted and taunting Ms. Trump, telling her to “come dance” with them.

However, some residents living nearby was irked with the protest. At one point, one visibly annoyed resident told two people to leave in a confrontational manner. One of the persons he confronted was reporting the event and the subsequent incident through her Twitter account.

At that time of the protest, Ms. Trump was reported to be in New York City. A similar protest was undertaken targeting then-Vice President-elect Michael Pence a few days before inauguration day (January 20 in Washington DC, January 21 in the Philippines).


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