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Diary ni Kuya Klepto

Originally written on March 13, 2014

Planners. Paper clips. Random pieces of paper. Coins of varying denominations. Umbrellas. A high school student’s notebook. Pencils and papers. Even a laptop and a low-end phone.

Those are some of the items of the items that I pick up and collect for no apparent reason – except that their owners left them in some place or another. In some cases, those things are on the ground where no one can bother with those items, except for me.

I wrote this since my classmate left her laptop in her chair. She was en route to her next class when she left the room, almost in haste. When I noticed it, there were a few people in the room: me, the professor and 3-4 of my classmates. It didn’t take long for me to stuff the laptop inside my heavy bag.

I told the professor – someone in her late 20’s to mid 30’s – that one of her students lost her laptop and I was the one who found it.