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Who am I voting for

Since we are nearing election day (May 13), we’re deluged by political advertisements and mostly political content. (Even if that family feud reeks of “politics”, it doesn’t count as political content). And people in cyberspace have posted their “to vote for” lists. Instead of posting my to vote for list, I have a list of issues, non-issues and other factors to consider that will affect my choices for the upcoming election.


  • Constitutional Reform (removing anti-competition clauses, change of system of government, lessening the influence of Imperial Manila)
  • The impeachment (show) trial of former Chief Justice Renato Corona
  • Republic Act 10173 (Data Privacy Act)
  • Republic Act 10175 (Cybercrime Prevention Act)
  • “Freedom of Information”
  • Cannabis legalization
  • Nuclear Energy
  • Financial state of State Colleges and Universities
  • Financial state of public hospitals
  • Redistribution of agricultural lands within Hacienda Luisita
  • Food security
  • Gun control
  • National security, territorial sovereignty and the modernization of the Philippine Military
  • Mining
  • The Philippine economy
  • Various local issues (Laguna de Bay, inequitable growth within the province)


  • Republic Act 10354 (The Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Health Act)
  • Republic Act 10361 (Domestic Workers Act)
  • Same-sex marriage
  • Divorce
  • Tubbataha intrusions
  • “Political dynasties”
  • Showbiz shits that we shouldn’t give a fuck about

There are other factors to consider in my choices: Demolition jobs , skeletons in the closet, legislative output and productivity and gut feel.

Based on the list of issues , non-issues and other factors to consider, I’ve chosen six candidates for senator (with three for consideration), one party list, one congressional representative, one vice-mayor and at least one city councilor.

I’m currently undecided whom to vote for governor, vice governor, provincial board member/s, mayor and a handful of city councilors. For now, I’ll wait for more developments and research about the candidates then decide on election day day itself.

Speaking of election day, will the PCOS machine count my vote and the votes of over 50 million Filipino voters? I shall leave that question to you.