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The last ride for Multiply

I last touched my multiply account in 2009, the year when I “migrated” to Facebook and Twitter. Since then, thousands of events happened between now and the time when I received an email regarding their discontinuation of social networking and blogging services.

The site is full of memories and experiences that I shared to the world (and to myself, in some cases) and I lost no time in recovering them. So far, most of them are stored in a private account.

But why store it in a private account? Since I don’t want other people to see my unrefined/more amateurish life as a high school student, complete with profanity and not-so-cohesive thoughts. Eventually, they will come out and see the light of day again. But for now, they shall be locked somewhere in the far side of the internet.

To sum it up, their decision to discontinue those services suck, but they had to do it since they had a bottom line of sorts to maintain. For me, it’s a pleasure using your service.