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Love our Flag

This post is a call for national unity, healing and reconciliation after months of divisiveness caused by recent events. It is also a call for us to proudly display our flag and do more for our beloved motherland.

One hundred fourteen years and two days ago, the brave men and women fought and won the Battle of Alapan. Hours later, our beloved flag was first displayed in present-day Cavite City. Fifteen days later, it was formally unfurled in then-president Emilio Aguinaldo’s residence in Kawit, Cavite. Since then, it transformed many times and “survived” countless turning points in our history.

Why am I talking about our flag? Because it symbolizes our country (the three stars that represent the country’s geographical regions – Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao), our history (the eight rays of the sun represent the eight provinces that revolted against the Spanish authorities in the late 1890’s), and our beliefs (peace, freedom and valor). Not only that, many of our ascendants lived, fought for and died under our flag. Even to this very moment, many of us pledge our allegiance to the flag and serve under it – as public officials, soldiers, career diplomats, local government officials, congressional representatives, senators, court magistrates, chief justice, vice-president, president and other public servants. Also, we pledge allegiance to it at certain points in our lives.

Though we’ve been torn apart by scandal after scandal, controversy after controversy, intrigue after intrigue, now is the right time for all of us to unite under the Philippine tricolor. Let us wave it and wear it proudly and work for a nation that will rise from its proverbial condition.