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Not happy because of Budoy

First, an apology for not telling you that I have autism. Since my toddler years. Now, the real issue.

A few weeks ago, ABS-CBN premiered a teleserye called Budoy. It’s about a young adult with Angel’s Syndrome, played by Gerald Anderson.

Inspirational? Heart warming? Makes people realize that persons with psycho-social disabilities exist? The first two, I’ll doubt. The third? Maybe.

However, I have a different point to make.

During a discussion in a social network, a friend pointed out that Budoy could promote stupidity in the future. A few hours after, I commentated that Budoy is nothing more than a show that feeds on the baser instincts of many Filipinos. A few posts after, an online buddy posted that he has Aspergers syndrome and doesn’t want to be relegated to some theater group for special children, whose productions can only be fully understood by the thinking élite and the participants of the theater group.  In fact, he’d rather be working as a director for a big television station.

As the thread went on and on, one person noted that that teleserye will feed more stereotypes to the Pinoy mentality (which is basically true), while another stated that “Budoy” will become part of a vocabulary of  insults by flippish children and more flippish adults. To conclude the conversation, the future director posted that “competent enough” Filipinos will be singled out and be subjected to name-calling and insults, like Tasyo in that Rizal novel.

Fast forward to yesterday. Someone asked if what’s the thing that made “Budoy” special. Here’s the summary of their answers:

  • Unusual things/persons
  • Stereotypes
  • Appealing actors and actresses
  • More rich versus poor crap (as if we haven’t been thoroughly exposed to that angle)
  • More love triangle schiesse (not again)

Not only that, one posted that superficial stuff matter in Popular media, especially in mentally messed up Flipland the Philippines.

So, what’s it gonna be?

Postscript: Hindi ikaw Budoy. Delusyonado kayo.

Some content from this post were summarized from many posts gathered by the author.

UPDATE: Here’s a gem of a comment from YouTube:

Dapat ganito ang Pinapanood ng mga kabataan kaysa na nakaka gagong Budoy


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  1. Blake Gripling ⋅

    It’s an insult, obviously, besides being melodramatic and horribly inaccurate. Get hit by a car, knock into a coma and now you ended up talking straight? It’s not that I’m pessimistic at mentally-challenged people, but you can’t cure them like typing “hesoyam” in Grand Theft Auto or removing zits in Photoshop. Perhaps the monkeys at ABS-CBN are the ones that needed more help.

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