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What to expect in the next four months

Starting tomorrow up to February 29, 2012, I’m going to make at least eight blog entries which have something to do with cartography, certain special events (Christmas, New Year, and Valentines Day) and other stuff. I’ll also slip in a review of the year’s events and a “what I did during my extended summer vacation?” entry. Not only that, I’ll be reviving and/or rebooting projects and entries that were stalled for months, especially a post that has something to do with the application of OpenStreetMap during disasters and a follow-up to “On the Run“.

Also, I’ll try to make a OpenStreetBugs fork within that time period. My purpose for it is to inform people of infrastructure lapses (unlit streets, potholes) so that they can be remedied to prevent future tragedies and crimes from happening. The fork’s initial name would be “Flashlight”

Not only that, I’ll use the almighty form 5a because I’ve successfully shifted from BS Applied Physics to BA Sociology. I’ll use this opportunity to thank those who helped and guided me in the various challenges, those who celebrated my triumphs, and to those who molded me into my present form. Especially my parents, relatives, peers, former classmates and batchmates.

Not only that, I will get a better grade in that subject.

UPDATE (10312011 at 2030 PHT): The initial posts feels “incomplete”. Hence, an update. In the next four months,

  • I’ll release two OpenStreetMap-related posts – one to encourage government offices, entities, institutions and bureaus to use (and contribute to OpenStreetMap), another to encourage OpenStreetMap contributors to improve the data, and to fix (and hopefully prevent) certain kinks on the map, since a good number of Google Maps API users are planning to either shift to or have shifted to OpenStreetMap (due to the imposition of API limits).
  • I’ll reconnect with my online friends, and meet with some of them in real life. Also, I’ll take part in my alma matter’s pearl anniversary sometime in January.
  • I’ll deactivate my Facebook account sometime between November 15 and December 15.
  • Finally, I’ll be updating certain OpenStreetMap-related goals in my OpenStreetMap Wiki userspace.

That’s all for now. See ya and have a Safe Halloween, All Saints Day and All Souls Day.