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A conversation between two like-minded persons

Here is a video chat conversation between two close friends. “Dr. Jelly” is studying in a California high school while PB took a year-long sabbatical from a Philippine university.

PB: Hi, Dr. Jelly!
Dr. Jelly: Hello, PB! Do you have good news for me?
PB: Yes, since you are interested in the entertainment industry in the Philippines.
Dr. Jelly: O RLY?
PB: Yes, you are. Anyhow, a matinee idol named Coco Martin kissed Maja Salvador. Apparently, the former didn’t realized the fact that the latter had a suitor named Matteo Guidicelli until the suitor gave Coco a fist in his face.
Dr. Jelly: When was that?
PB: During the Star Magic Ball last Saturday.
Dr. Jelly: Are you sure about that?
PB: Yes, Dr. Jelly.
Dr. Jelly: What was the outcome?
PB: During the ball, it was tense. Thankfully, cooler heads prevailed.
Dr. Jelly: What happened next?
PB: Maja appeared in “The Buzz”, cried her heart out and wished that the two will bury the hatchet on the ground and stop the fighting. The next day, Matteo apologized in the noontime show that he co-hosts. Matteo’s co-hosts in “Happy Yipee Yehey” took a neutral stand and also hoped for a peaceful settlement.
Dr. Jelly: Pardon my french but this is total bullshit. I have a hunch that this is used to promote something.
PB: Okay, Dr. Jelly. Will chat with you later.