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Pilipinas parang Airstrip One

Yesterday, I bought George Orwell’s 1984 from a bookshop in San Pablo. Compared to its original price, the book that I bought was dirt cheap. Too bad that most Filipinos only give a shit about romance novels, athletes, so-called celebrities and other distractions.

The book 1984 is about a member of the Outer Party who eventually dabbled with various kinds of rebellion (one example of it is to have sex for the sake of sex, which is illegal) having to the point that he got snitched on by his “closest contacts”. If you’re going to buy the book or look for the ebook, which is clandestinely distributed in some countries due to copyright laws, then you’ll probably understand the next set of paragraphs.

Oceania is similar to the Philippines while “Big Brother” is just a figurehead. In reality, BB is just a puppet of the Inner Party. The Inner Party represents the ones who have the power – the oligarch scum that is known to distort facts and waste people just to keep their asses in power. Winston Smith represents the government officials who are either disgruntled with the current regime or powerless citizens who claim that they can’t do anything about it. The proles are the “masa”, who are distracted by prolefeed, various stuff that the regime and its lackeys produce. Some members of the masa provide “distraction” to other members of the masses (go figure).

People like Julia and O’Brien represent the oligarchs who are entrenched in government positions and they have various goals – one goal is to perpetuate their political influence and go on a “power trip” while another goal is to make those offices, bureaus and departments their personal cash cows. Some are so loyal to the ones in power that they mount attack on the government’s perceived enemies.

The telescreens are television sets, computers and various gadgets – garbage in, garbage out. Fortunately, we can shut them off. What about Newspeak? We got Taglish, a bastard language used by and intentionally promoted in the media to lose our competitive edge.

I have a difficult time in comparing Eurasia and Eastasia to IRL examples, except for the fact that Eastasia is “centered” around China, which claims a chunk of Philippine territory (the town of Kalayaan in Palawan).

We have various ministries, though the applications and functions are different. For example, doctoring photos to eliminate persons who were killed because they were a threat to the party. Instead, various kinds of people are doctoring photos using programs applications and sites like Adobe Photoshop, GIMP and Picnik. Though the the use of such technologies in the present is not bad, it has been used to manipulate various stuff like in China and Syria.

We have our own version of Two Minutes Hate. It is found in pro-oligarch editorials, opinion columns, news reports, and various commentaries, plus official pronouncements from the palace along the river. Too bad that many proles believe in it.  Our version of Hate Week is the State of the Nation Address and various speeches from certain government officials who glorify the Highway to Hell the Straight Path and vilify the various enemies of the government (collectively known as “The Noisy Minority”)

I forgot to mention that our version of Emmanuel Golstein is either Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo or Ferdinand Edralin Marcos. Or both.

Also, books like Greed and Betrayal by Cecil Arillo are being chucked into memory holes because many established bookstores and bookshops do not carry them since they are either connected to or support the oligarchs.

We are lucky since we don’t have a though police. But we should be vigilant, as the Yellow Zombie regime will do use any method necessary to lengthen their stay in power – an irony since they used that alibi in halting necessary changes in the constitution.

Final note: I may not understand the book in its entirety or add similarities and comparisons between the events and scenarios that happen in the book and our current situation but it gives us an ample warning and a preview of a nightmare that will scare the ones who truly love our country.

Also, constitutional reform is an advocacy that many Filipinos want to succeed, especially if the goal of such reforms is to lessen the influence of Imperial Manila, to liberate the economy from clauses that the oligarchs benefited from and to have an efficient system of government that chucks away the likes of rabblerousers and attention whores.