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An interview with a bear

Sometime in February, I was in a payphone somewhere in Los Baños while my interview subject is in a motel in Angeles, Pampanga. it was a Thursday afternoon, and I was killing time before my next class.

Ian: Good afternoon. I’m Ian and I’m going to interview you. Is that okay with you, sir?

Brownie: Sure. You can call me “Brownie”. I don’t want other people to know my “other name”.

Ian: Okay. Speaking of names, how did you enter the country?

Brownie: I flew from Tokyo to Manila using an assumed name. Used a Brazilian passport during my arrival, will use another identity when I get out – that is, when I survive raids by authorities.

Ian: Okay… So, how’s the Philippines?

Brownie: Leaves much to be desired. I LOL’d at immigration since they’re telling Filipinos to turn in our kind instead of turning them away. Thanks to that, more of my kind are entering your country in droves.

Ian: I think that the Tourism Department wouldn’t like to hear that. Anyway, what are the other aspects that you’ve noticed?

Brownie: I love the food, and I love the people even more. Especially that special group of people that makes my heart warm. Speaking of warm, the weather is hot and I can barely tolerate it. To be honest, it’s like Cancun.

Ian: Do you like the weather?

Brownie: Not that much, but it’s way better than summers in Brazil.

Ian: Have other places in mind?

Brownie: CamSur, Boracay and a lot of major cities plus typical tourist spots.

Ian: Are you afraid that something bad will happen to you once you enter Mindanao, considering that the area is volatile?

Brownie: Fuck no. Here to spread the love, not the hate. I’m sure that the people in Mindanao will understand.

Ian: you have a busy schedule, right?

Brownie: Yup. I have a flight later in the evening and its chartered by yours truly. If I go the commercial route, it would be a horrendous experience. plus, I could be arrested at the airport.

Ian: Why aren’t you in Laguna?

Brownie: No time, maybe in the summer.

Ian: Do you have time to go to Malacañang and deliver a message to our sports car-loving president?

Brownie: Not in the near future, but he should repeal RA 9775. “Protecting the children” is a great excuse to impose political controls and censorship and I don’t want that. Don’t cry running to me or to Anonymous once your country ends up like China or even worse, North Korea.

Ian: I understand that you’re busy buying and packing stuff for your flight. DO you have Skype? I may have to do a follow-up interview tomorrow or on the other day.

Brownie: Sure, Ian. I’ll give you my Skype account off the record.

Ian: Okay, Brownie.

This is the first part of my interview. In the next 3-4 weeks, I’m going to post at least two more interviews with the same subject. He will drop hints about his identity and personality in the succeeding interviews.