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Ian’s take on Ruffy’s rules

Originally posted on April 3, 2011 at The full title of the entry is “Ruffy’s 10 Rules of Etiquette in Facebook Photo Posting”

Comment: Since we live in a world where a lot of data/information/content can be consumed and/or shared in a few clicks, we should be very careful when handling such content, especially image files.  The rules may also be applied in other sites, like Flickr and TwitPic

Entry below is (c) 2011 Ruffy Biazon. (See these pages) Content placed between square brackets is (c) 2011 Ian Lopez (CC BY-SA)


I’ve been using Facebook for quite some time now, and through the years, I’ve observed (and experienced) some not so flattering posts of photos in Facebook. With the wonderful technology of digital photography and the ease in which to share photos, people have taken the habit of posting all the photos they take, sometimes not being mindful of the consequences.Here are 10 Rules that I came up with (with a little help from my wife Trina) on Facebook posting of photographs. You may add as you please, if you feel there are more.

  1. If  possible, ask the other person if he or she doesn’t mind having his/her photo posted in Facebook [or in other sites].
  2. If there’s no opportunity to ask or if you think the other person wouldn’t mind having his/her photo posted in Facebook, then ask yourself first… if you were the other person, would you allow that photo of you to be posted in Facebook?
  3. Be kind to the other people in the photo… even if you look stunning in the picture but the others do not, please do not post. I’m sure you would appreciate not having your photo with your mouth half open while chomping on a sandwich posted for the world to see. Most importantly, censor [edit out] photos which unintentionally show private [and/or undesirable] parts.
  4. If you really like your photo but others in the picture look like
    they got their face messed up by Manny Pacquiao, do them a favor by
    cropping them out.
  5. You will discover wonderful things you can do with Photoshop [or GIMP or MS Paint]. Try to learn it. Aside from shaving away your love handles in the photo, you will make your friends happy by doing the same for them before posting their pictures. You can also blur out any undesirable subjects from your photo.
  6. If you use Photoshop [or any other image editing software or application] to do “graphic liposuction or cosmetic surgery”, make sure that there is no other copy of the photo posted in Facebook or the internet.
  7. If you’re going to put a caption indicating the names of the persons in the photo, the rule should be all or nothing. If you can’t identify all the persons in the photo, just ask people to tag themselves, instead of leaving one or two persons anonymous.
  8. If you’re going to tag people in the photo, ask them first if it is ok for them to be tagged. Some prefer not to be, specially those who might have given a different excuse from their special someone where they were that night.
  9. Give credit where credit is due. Identify the person who took the photo or owns the photo, especially if the picture is a work of art.
  10. Make sure that your photo will not unintentionally cause a relationship to fall apart. If you know that someone is in a compromising position in a photograph which will jeopardize their relationship, better just give that person a copy. Unless, of course, if it’s your intention to teach him/her a lesson by exposing him/her.