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On the Run

This kicks off my series. Sixteen posts, eight years.

Hello, my name is – just call me Johnny DC. Obviously, it’s not my real name. I’m living with Aetas based in extreme eastern Rizal. Right now, 90 percent of the people that knew me for the past 2-3 years are locked up, for various reasons.

Actually, they got locked up because of me. Because I’m too dangerous to some. Why would they say so? The last time I got “really violent” is when I’m either playing Modern Warfare 2 or Grand Theft Auto (Vice City or San Andreas) or piss off a professor.

Sadly, one of my former professors is now in a nuthouse after she was told that I committed “life self-extraction”. Ouch.

That’s it. I’m taking down notes physically and so they can be free and place her out of her misery. God, I know that you’re listening to me. And I can do it – not you or anyone.

That’s it for now. Short intro, but it will be more in-depth in the next part.