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Chasing the Double Down

Background: Sometime in April or May, Mo Twister mentioned on air that there was a sandwich that has no bun. It’s called the KFC Double Down. At that time, Mo and one of his friends (Giselle Tongi, who was probably filling in for Angelika a.k.a. @angelicopter899) called a KFC store somewhere in the Midwest and asked if the said product was available.

Fast forward to mid-November. At that time, I was celebrating a very important event – my birthday. Since some of my relatives decided to treat me, I told them that we should celebrate my special day at KFC, since I haven’t been to one for some time. Also, I noticed a post from KFC Philippines’ Facebook Page that the Double Down will be available in mid-November.

On that special day, I was disappointed since the Double Down was sold out at its SM City San Pablo branch. To compensate, I decided to order a hot and spicy product to partially cover up my disappointment. I waited for Wednesday,  since Tuesday (November 16) was a holiday.

I tried to order a Double Down, but they told me that they don’t have the chicken “buns”. I had to wait for Thursday. I eventually settled for a mini-bucket of fries.

Thursday came and one of them told me that their branch lacked another important ingredient. Plus, one of the crew members told me that they’ll bring in the Double Down on the 20th.

Between Thursday and Saturday, I saw a good number of Double Down-related posts on my Facebook and Twitter news feeds. Some commented on my Double Down-related tweets and statuses that they already ate the Double Down (and it was good, according to them). I became jealous overnight, and the only way for me to get rid of it was to consume that Double Down.

Saturday came and I was the first customer who entered KFC UP Los Baños minutes after it opened. Unfortunately, one of the crew members told me to come back during lunch time, since they’re shipping the vital ingredients and condiments used to make the most awesome sandwich ever made.

After three hours, lunchtime came and I finally ate something that brought more joy than a GWA of 2 and lower.

The KFC Double Down

Yes, I finally got my Double Down after seven months of hype and five days of waiting.

But wait – I had my Round Two with the Double Down two days after. It happened in a KFC near the Makati Medical Center. At that time, my mother gets to experience the delectable taste of a Double Down. However, she had a less than favorable opinion on the sandwich (she said that it was nakakaumay).

Despite the various disappointments, the Chase for the Double Down was worth it.

(FYI: I was not paid by KFC nor its affiliate companies to do this post.)