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College life, season 3

Here we go again! SystemOne drama (complaints, queries and your schedules on Facebook) and the release of Form 5 (and Form 26, for some) can only mean one thing: the start of another semester.

Two semesters ago, I was a freshie. The past semester, I was a bit seasoned. This semester, I have to get my act right for the second time (the first time was the previous semester), since this is my last semester as a freshman. For me, the past semester was a roller coaster ride. Sometimes, you taste the delicious tears of other people. Sometimes, your tears get licked à la Cartman in “Scott Tenorman Must Die”. But in other days, it’s meh or “okay, I didn’t know…”. But the good thing about my second semester is that my academic performance is better compared during my first semester.

For those who may not remember, last semester was the “no more graphs, no more blah blah blah” semester. This semester will be different from the last semester because there’s only one crucial course. It’s called Math 17 and I’m taking it for the second time. So what if I failed the first time. So what if I got addicted to the internet for two semesters in a row? So what if I’m the only one who failed it during my first attempt? I say 3825 that. My ex-classmate (in CWTS1 ) is going to be my classmate in Math 2 and that’s not the only thing that will make this semester interesting. In fact, I’m going to apply as a student assistant and use it as a cover (also known as Stalking 121).

Well, this is going to be another interesting semester. I’m not hopin’ and I’m not dreamin’. It’s time to do wat is needed and what is necessary. Not only for my future but for the future of this nation and its inhabitants. Got it?