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Wishlist version 2

Almost a dozen moons ago, I posted a wishlist for the remainder of 2009. (You can view it here.) Apparently, most of my wishes didn’t come true.

  1. I got a new computer, but it’s better than that crunk of shit. (BTW, my sister now owns it. Good luck in choking it to multiple blue screens.) Like a good materialistic fiend, I want a new computer that has better performance and better hardware acceleration. (Plus enough memory for me to play Frontierville, watch videos on YouTube or Ustream and edit OpenStreetMap data using Potlatch).
  2. I’m currently satisfied with Avira. Next!
  3. Since March 2010, I own a LG U250C. The only problem with it is that I can’t connect to the internet (since it’s not intended for the Philippine market).
  4. No hard disk drive. Poor Ian.
  5. No Garmin GPS, but I was able to have a part of the Garmin experience – using a Gamin nuvi during the Cavite Road Network Mapping Party and having the Mapsource application since the Ortigas-mandaluyong Mapping Party
  6. No money for cabinet
  7. No UAV’s (yet)
  8. Bank account will be created in 3 years time, Paypal and AdSense to follow.

Now, here’s my October 2010 to April 2011 wishlist.

  1. A Samsung Galaxy S (my cousin’s wife owns one, I want that too! Plus, it’s powered by Android)
  2. A Garmin Nuvi 3700 (the latest gadget from Garmin)
  3. A new computer (the quadcore one for desktop, big memory and RAM for laptop)
  4. A UAV that leaves behind GPS traces/breadcrumbs, connected to a 7.2 megapixel video camera that records everything up to 30GB (internal memory) plus aerial “pepper mix” balloons
  5. A 32GB USB Stick (nothing pre-loaded, please)
  6. The ability to drive my aunt’s Ford Everest or practically any four-wheeled vehicle
  7. Better linguistic skills (in Hiligaynon and Cebuano, possibly a bit of Kapampangan and Cebuano)
  8. A new internet service provider or improved internet-related services
  9. A satellite dish that has better content than the crap dished out on the airwaves (Hello, Cignal! Plan 590, Here I come!)
  10. A mountain bike (UPLB and nearby areas have mountainous terrain. Plus, I’m going to take cycling as my PE2.

For those who want to know if it will be realized or not, I’ll tell you the results  on the 30th of April. Until then, plan and act upon it instead of having aimless dreams that you forget minutes after you wake up.