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Computer’s sick

Last Friday, I’ve encountered one serious part of reality. My computer got infected by a JAVA/ClassLoader Trojan. The sad part is that I can’t access my Yahoo Mail and Gmail accounts. (No, they weren’t cracked) And I have a difficult time in accessing sites that I needed to use for schoolwork, plus the typical social networking sites that I visit (Except for Twitter’s mobile version). I often see the “Connection Time-Out” error, and that drives me nuts.

So, who are the possible culprits?

  • My sister (Only knows a bit of internet security)
  • My parents (they are not that tech savvy but they are clueless when it comes to internet security)
  • Me (The last time I thoroughly scanned the computer was 3 months ago)

Because my father or my sister last used the computer, they are probably the ones who “introduced” the scourge to our adopted member of the family. (And speaking of my family, my other grandfather-my mother’s father-is now living with us. Let’s hope that he’ll improve his language-related skills, since English and Tagalog aren’t his native languages.)

My only hope is a computer technician that really knows his stuff (He fix the older computer, specifically the one that I’ve whined and bitched about until the early part of this year) My only problem is accessibility, time and university-related stress. If he can’t save it, I have no choice but to either ask help using a different computer or delete everything and start over.

Time for me to decide and do my school-related work. As soon as I get through this menace.


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