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Epic fails and annoyances

Before I start this entry, I’m telling you this: either pack your bags and leave the Failippines or pack some heat and save the Philippine nation.

Let me start with this encounter with the “jeepney surfers”.


At infrequent times, they suddenly enter the jeep, giving out envelopes and do shit in a vehicle dedicated to public transportation. Since some of them are concerned with their condition, they decided to give some $. After their skit, they leave and the entire process is repeated.

Personally, I’ve encountered that at irregular intervals. One even hit my nose as he tried to enter the vehicle (I was seated at the back). The fiend said “Sorry”, and disembarked the vehicle, looking for an unsuspecting audience.

But one moment was probably the last straw.

Yesterday, I was riding a San Pablo-bound jeepney with my mother. Around 4:30 in the afternoon, the jeep was in Bay poblacion. At that time, the jeep was loading and unloading passengers when a 8-10 year old suddenly entered the jeep and gave out envelopes. Since I felt that I had enough of it, I yelled “Get the fuck out of the jeepney!” in the vernacular. That shocked him, including the jeepney surfer. Though he was able to distribute the envelopes, he wasn’t able to give that item to me. He was so shocked that he can’t “perform”. As soon as he left the jeepney, I asked my mother if my actions were “right or wrong” in her opinion. She chose the latter.

The reason why she chose the latter is that they are also human beings, and they need to be treated with care and respect, “like everyone else”. It is unfair to “talk back” to elders in Philippine culture. Though I reasoned out, she decided that I shouldn’t repeat what I’ve done. But she didn’t realize that they are dumped by their “benefactors” in urbanized areas to wreak havoc on our economy and to make certain persons/groups rich. In short, sila’y kontrolado ng mga sindikato. But why are they on the streets and not in schools? Simple. Parental (mis)guidance. Laziness. Corrupt mindsets. And yes, incompetent personalities. Despite the efforts of various social welfare and child welfare-related offices, bureaus, task forces and campaigns, they are still in the streets, doing their thang.

Worse, she told me that I should ignore them, pretend that they do not exist. Too bad. You can’t wish or pray the surfers away (same thing with homosexuality, homelessness and obesity), nor pretend that they’re not around. Sooner or later, we’ll be forced to accept them in one way or another, and that will lead us to a straight path to hell.

So, do we have to tell jeepney drivers and operators to kick them out? Do we have to make a letter to the right persons, telling them that traffic enforcers and police officers must apprehend those jeepney surfers? Are we going to yell at them for causing too much bullshit in our streets? I got an answer to those three questions: either we should do it or we will do it.

Update: Korina Sanchez featured some of them on her show last Sunday. She gave P 1,000 to them. I’m not amused. Teach them how to fish, not to beg for it. Also, we should help them by not giving them alms and kill the dole-out mentality that is causing some of the epic fails of our society.

Manila’s Uncouth

For my take on the hostage taking incident that happened yesterday can be found on my Twitter page, on my Facebook profile (or my friends’ Facebook profiles – if you can access it).

*add two walls of facepalm pics here*

Carlos Celdran wants to fucking immigrate from this place. Hong Kong banned its citizens from visiting this place. Plus, it’s RIP for tourism. No more phoenix moment, we’re stuck in this hellhole.

And who is to blame (primarily)?

  1. Incompetent, untrained indecisive and corrupt po-po
  2. Incompetent and usisero media shits (local media are blatant, unlocal media are subliminal)
  3. Incompetent government (Guess who’s running it?)

“If shit happens, you’re responsible for it.”