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Hello world, I started blogging five years ago!

Almost five years ago, I started out my pseudo-career as a blogger in a now-closed internet café somewhere in the poblacion. After switching and abandoning a bunch of blogs under my name (and deleting 90% of my posts on MySpace), I’m now in a stable platform called WordPress (Though I could to jump ship to Posterous) and I will post 3 entries that were supposed to be published at the “right time” (one has something to do with a short film that my group did for Humanities 1). Also, I will dump virtually pictures that I took during last Saturday’s trip, with the accompanying commentary (sans a pic that shows “her other side” [Side note: I asked her if it’s okay for me to post that picture. She declined politely, to my relief. At least I know how to avoid deep shit unlike before).

As of this writing, I’m in the process of doing some English 2-related work, plus other tasks commitments (playing FarmVille, Frontiervile, preparing for an epic examination for Humanities 2, decreasing internet use outside the house). It means that I less time to blog unlike past months.

Don’t tell me that life is unfair, bruh. You control your destiny and not everything happens for a reason.