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Another week, another chunk done

Another week has passed and I added a bunch of POI’s along my way to the CEM Function Hall.  After an hour or so in that place, I had to move on and get more POI’s near the Los Baños Islamic Center area. Sooner or later, I’m going to make serious traces and mark down more POI’s that I missed in the >1 year of mapping. Sure, I met a person who didn’t like his number on the map, nearly got bitten by a team of dogs in a nearby village, soaked hundreds of clothes with sweat and all that, but there is nothing that can get in my goal – “having a concise map of the UPLB Campus and nearby areas (Grove, Raymundo, Umali, Demarses, Santa Fe, Agapita, El Danda, Forestry, Jamboree)that anyone can use with minimal copyright restrictions”.

And my goal for this week is to add more Points of Interests in most of those areas. And here’s the catch: I’m going to upload the data either on Friday night or on Saturday morning. The recent changeset was a sample of the edits that I will undertake either today or tomorrow. Tomorrow, I’ll be “visiting” more areas (Lopez Avenue, Central and northeastern parts of Umali Subdivision, a bit of a residential are near the Forestry area and some buildings south of the Fertility tree) between 1 and 2 in the afternoon and take notes on important places of interests – apartments, mom-and-pop convenience stores, restaurants, and housenumbers.

Anticipating the “slaughterfest”, I added those quaint red circles with a white X in the middle in this site. How cute. Oh, and we have the building outline for the newly-opened UPLB Gym, also known as the Edwin B. Copeland Gym, aptly named after the founder of the institution that is now known as the University of the Philippines Los Baños. (unlike MapMaker, which describes the gym as “under construction”). Plus, I was able to go to the Agronomy/Agricultural Sciences Cluster and CEAT areas and trace a handful of service roads, something that the MapMakers missed out (deliberately or otherwise).

We sometimes consider walking as a form of exercise. Add a GPS, and either a pen and notepad or a mobile phone, and you’re able to lose weight (I lost 469 calories in 3 mapping sessions – One was fueled by Boston Cafe’s Frosh since one mapping session happened in the middle of the day) while gaining kilobytes of needed information to the planet (dot) osm file/s. A typical win-win situation, in short. Anyway, other good things happen to you while you map – you meet an ex-classmate of yours, a son of a bitch I mean a dog moves away from your presence since he is too tired to harass you, you hear a group of college girls singing “That’s What You get” by Paramore at the corner of Francisco O. Santos and Diamond streets, you try to outsmart one of your instructors in university… and so on, and it goes on forever.

Let’s end this on a high note – I will cap this week’s efforts by completing this area – between the “high enough” Forestry area and the extremely hot Freedom Park area. Gotta map my dreams – someone wants it rendered in the Hike and Bike style!