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Something out of nothing

It’s another school year. Guess what kind of controversy that I will stir up?

I posted something before Valentines’ Day, I got a letter. I took it down.

I posted something from the Overheard at UP Facebook page, original poster did not like it. I had to take it down, for various reasons.

A few weeks back, I mentioned those details while introducing myself in Humanities 1. Plus, I mentioned something that will make some students from a flood-prone university uncomfortable. And my professor in Humanities 1 doesn’t want to be “interpolated” in my blog. At least he said it in advance. And in front of over 160 of his students. I just hope that this class will not lose the momentum that it has in the past two weeks or so.

Speaking of something out of nothing, my classmate in Math 17 had her picture posted on the “Prettiest faces in UPLB” Facebook page. According to her, a blockmate of hers posted the pic. I don’t want to comment on it – because it’s too taxing for me to talk about it. My Humanities 2 instructor was featured in the same page. Personally, I thought that she was on her 3rd or 4th year as an UP Los Baños student.

Moving on to the Speech Communication department, and we held an activity during recit class. One of my classmates wrote a flamboyant description of the SpeechCom instructor on the concept map. (I hope he does not see that)

Political Science 1 is not for persons with weak hearts and/or short fuses. And last Friday’s activity was a taste of politics IRL. The instructor wanted her pupils to split into groups of ten, choose a group leader, and choose five persons that will join him in some sort of warehouse concocting stuff that will propel them back into the 21st century (in terms of technology) since the teams were supposedly acting out as survivors in a post-Apocalyptic world. It’s a tough choice, but hey – someone has to become the leader and drag five chosen persons to the days before December 25, 2009.

History 2 was interesting on my part. I listened to Sex Advice with Grace Lee on Good Times with Mo, Mojo, Grace and Angelika while my instructor discussed a bit of the Kama Sutra. According to her, it is not just about sex. It’s about pleasure (eating chocolate, traveling to certain places, etc.), according to my interpretation of that event.

English 2 is different. And it is more on writing, unlike English 1, which concentrates on grammar. Since I have good writing skills, maybe I could have a GWA that is close to the elusive 1. Maybe I should get off the computer and write more often.

Since this is college life, I should expect a lot of surprises, moves and motives from practically everyone inside and outside campus. Especially invitations, gatherings and other stuff.