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New everything

I’m now on my 2nd week as an old freshman in UPLB. Plus, we have “large lecture classes”. We hate it, but we have to make sure that we don’t end up trapped in the vicious cycle early in life. Plus, we don’t have to suffer that much since some of the professors and instructors that we love and learn to respect are still here. For those who did not abandon the university in times of crisis, I salute you. (And for the wonderful and brave professor who used those words during History 2.)

And the first week is enough to shake my bones and claw my ass away from disappointments and screw-ups that I made a few months back. Especially Humanities 1, History 2, Speech Communication 1, and Political Science 1. (BTW, the last 2 were “overheard”.) Humanities 2 and English 2 deserve special mention, since they are crucial to my academic performance.

For this semester, no more graphs. No more Boolean Algebra. I don’t have to go under extreme Physical Stress. I’m at the Commanding Heights of my college life. Starting now. You heard me. By the way, I need to finish this lest I am marked down as late in my Humanities 1 class that will happen in less than 11 hours.