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Two pesos for Willie Revillame

Disclaimer: I do not watch the said show, since it does not suit my taste.

Since Willie Revillame was involved in the latest controversy (he was lambasted by columnist and radio host Jobert Sucaldito for having persons with not-so-stellar academic performance as contestants in Wowowee), he could have apologized to Mr. Sucaldito and let him be a consultant/adviser for the show. (Or allow smarter contestants instead of the usual persons) Instead, the former threatened to leave the show that made him famous in the first place unless ABS-CBN fires the latter. It did not happen.

Among other things, why am I blogging about this subject?

Simple: Willie Revillame is famous, the show that he hosted for almost a decade (Wowowee) is one of the most-watched shows in the Philippines, and ABS-CBN (the network that airs Wowowee) is a popular broadcasting company catering to millions of Filipinos – both in the isles and overseas.

Despite the various controversies that hounded the TV host, he was able to weather them. However, this is a different controversy – something that he cannot handle on his own.

I think that this happened since Willie endorsed Manny Villar, a senator who aimed fulfill his childhood ambition – to become the President of the Philippines. Like many Filipinos, he was poor and dreamed of better days for his family. Due to hard work, perseverance and vision, he was able to build a large real estate empire. The Lopezes of Iloilo, ABS-CBN’s owners, went for Noynoy Aquino, whose mother returned two instruments (ABS-CBN and MERALCO) that “gave” them power and influence during the pre-Marcos days. Noynoy’s mother, known as the “Saint of democracy” due to the constant reminder by the ones who gave her power during those times – and flaunted their connections to the then-President on various occasions, is a scion of the powerful and influential Cojuanco clan of Tarlac.

Since the host and the network endorsed different candidates for the presidency, there was conflict of interest. Plus, Willie was probably giving away too much of the network’s money on his show. [And someone’s sister isn’t comfortable with someone who has the same caliber that she has. (Or probably higher than that bitch)]

Oh, and they made an issue about him complaining while the network shows the funeral cortege of Mrs. Aquino on its way to the Manila Cathedral. I believe that it should have been discussed with the network’s management hours before Wowowee went on air.

I’m not for him, nor am I against him. Also, I do not believe that Mr. Sucaldito is a tool used by certain elements in the network to oust him. I believe that he has a legitimate complaint and I believe that this should have been addressed weeks ago. Though I accuse the show and the network of exploiting ~70% of the population, at least his show knows how to be charitable – too charitable for some.

To Willie, take a rest and say goodbye to showbusiness for good. Take care of yourself and be a loving father to your offspring. Don’t forget that God is good all that time, and you shouldn’t worry too much. Let them hate because they don’t have the ability to improve their lives.

To Robin Padilla, Good luck and entertain them well.


  • ABS-CBN was established in 1953 by Elpidio Quirino’s brother, who used it as a campaigning tool. However, Quirino lost and we got someone that we supposedly love and idolize. MERALCO was established in 1903 and a group led by the Lopezes bought out the previous owners during Diosdado Macapagal’s time (early 1960’s).