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Fear of a Noynoy Presidency

Note: this was supposed to published in the middle of April 2010. Due to lack of time (and a bit of procrastination), it failed the self-imposed cut-off. However, it’s not too late.

A couple of months ago, Cory Aquino died and that started the “Noynoy for President” wave, which turned Mar Roxas into the Liberal Party’s candidate for the vice-presidency. It is was a good idea, since Noynoy is a scion of Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino, Jr. and his spouse, Corazon (Cory). (The couple also has four daughters, one of which has her brain connected to her mouth.) It may be a good idea, but that idea is too scary.

Here’s one point: He hasn’t done anything bad or dabble in scandals.

Correct, but he hasn’t done anything. How about a good piece of legislation (and not just Senate Resolutions)? They’re mostly bills, and almost all of them don’t end up with the “RA” prefix.

Another point: He’s capable to run the country.

Not. Why? He had to be assisted by one of his sisters when cooking some dish for a newsmagazine program aired on GMA. And in the middle of (excuse me po) Mike Enriquez’ grilling session with the presidential candidates, he suddenly walked out. How about the use of a codigo during Harapan, which is supposed to be debate, not a RECITAL OF YOUR PLATFORMS

How about the music video featuring various entertainment personalities? It means that we’ll suffer the same way my parents and grandparents suffered during the brownouts of the late 80’s down to the early 90’s? (Sa bagay, andaming bamboo torches at mga ilawan na ‘di kailangan ng kuryente)


I originally started this post on January 3, sometime between 8 and 9 PM. Since then, his sister did a lot of things to help (more like hurt) Noynoy’s campaign. Since then, Manny Villar (who changed his ads from “Dagat ng Basura”, to “Pangarap”. I personally prefer the latter) and Noynoy Aquino are the top 2 candidates in “major surveys” done by paid survey forms. Since then, Noynoy’s popularity didn’t surge, it declined. IMHO, I believe that there were more people who attended RocKa-Tropa (which was a Villar event, if I’m not mistaken) than the Paint Araneta Yellow event. What about Gibo, Gordon, Nicky Perlas and Bro. Eddie? Their suport base is getting stronger everyday because of a lot of disillusionment from the top candidates and the ongoing batuhan ng putik (mudslinging).

How serious is the threat of a Yellow pseudo-dictatorship under the son of a traitor and the grandson of a Makapili? here are some scenarios that can happen (and will happen) under an Aquino presidency:

  • Kris Aquino gets to use the resources of the Philippines to her own advantage, an “opportunity” she “wasted” during her mother’s time. Plus, her brother’s presidency could be a platform towards and aristocracy dominated by you-know-who.
  • Great, more fucking brownouts. No to nuclear power (which is more clean and can generate more power than wind and solar power combined) under Noynoy too.
  • Shit, Hyatt 10 (plus Drilon and other LP cronies) and Kamaganak, Inc. are runnin’ this town!
  • No development, or a lot of backward development, no thanks to a crappy constitution that was either accidentally or deliberately made to favor the interests considered to be pro-Cory during the 1980’s (the Lopezes of Iloilo, Ayalas, and one part of the Cojuanco clan from Tarlac are some of the most visible beneficiaries from that constitution)

Now here’s my question: In case Aquino became president, what will you do? Are we going to do something about it?

YES. We can stem the rise of the dystopia by doing the following:

  • Boycott ABS-CBN and associated networks/channels/stations. That means goodbye Studio 23, Maxxx, Cinema One, Lifestyle Network, Knowledge Channel, The Filipino Channel, DZMM, Tambayan 101.9, Myx, etc.
  • Boycott media outlets that are seen as favorable to Noynoy Aquino (Philippine Daily Inquirer, ABS-CBN). Watch, listen and read to “impartial” news sources, like MabuhayRadio and Manila Standard Today.
  • Boycott products and services that use a known supporter (or known supporters) of Noynoy Aquino as endorsers. Examples: San Mig Light, Gran Matador Brandy, MyPhone (stick with your current mobile phone. Even a China phone will do), Mongol pencil (better alternative: T-Pencil), Goldilucks, Sun Life Financial, Swatch, Bench (and related brands).
  • Because we can’t boycott Meralco (for those within Mega Manila), minimize your electricity consumption. Or learn how to make biodiesel and buy a generator that runs on biodiesel.
  • Interact with your representatives on Facebook, and tell them what you feel about the situation of our beloved country. If your representative is a member of the Liberal Party, don’t bother.
  • Let your voices be heard. Comment on Anti-Pinoy, Better Philippines, Oh, Noy! PinoyChan’s /n/ thread, Sanamagan!, LeadPhilippines and other sites on the internet that allow free speech (and not hampered by yellow censorship, like Failipino Voices)
  • Join organizations that aim to enlighten our fellow Filipinos from the blinding yellow darkness, like the Philippine LaRouche Society.
  • And most of all, don’t resort to violence unless nothing good is done (in the eyes of many Filipinos) in the first 300 days.

For your enlightenment: