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Aquino year 8 (not 2010)

Anti-Pinoy made 10 predictions for this year, time to check if they’re right or wrong.

1. Noynoy will win a controversial victory – Right on the target, but expect backlash during his reign. Oops, there’s some right now.
2. COMELEC’s capricious decisions (re: disqualifying political parties and legitimate candidates) will cause the institution to be flooded with electoral protests – wait and see
3. The precedent set by the Supreme Court by its bizarre reversal of its own ruling on the cityhood question will resurrect dozens of old and supposedly resolved political cases, with deep implications for the country – Expect a lot of them come sometime after the first month of hell
4. Korina Sanchez will get pissed off and jump ship from ABS-CBN when it finally dawns on her that nobody has any intention of letting hubby Mar Roxas do a damned thing as Vice President, a la Doy Laurel – This may not happen, as Roxas is not the Veep. Binay is. However, things can happen.
5. There will be no substantial peace talks with the representatives of the Bangsamoro, and unrest in Mindanao will increase – Can’t wait for various secession movements to mushroom all over the country, Mindanao included. Because I can’t wait to be out of the yellow yoke!
6. An initiative for Charter Change will be started in the House of Representatives – If the current administrations forges an alliance with the Nacionalistas, the NPC and various party-lists, then that will happen (possibly to give the next admin lots of problems for the first three years)
7. There will be at least two destructive typhoons that will cause destruction and human loss on the same scale as Ondoy and Pepeng somewhere in the country – Because an oligarch or a member of Kamag-anak Inc (or both) will be given a position in the Department of Defense, which handles the NDCC, expect higher casualties once such events happen (and more flak than my supposed president during that time)
8. The Senate will busy itself with “investigations in aid of legislation” of at least three celebrity-related scandals – We got 3+ persons from the entertainment industry having a comfortable seat in the Senate, expect them to make mountains out of seamounts.
9. Manny Pacquiao will beat Floyd Mayweather, Jr. like an unproductive hooker, and will win at least one other fight – The latter was the congressional race, and he should either do the former or listen to his mother’s advice and quit boxing without a humiliating defeat by that doped up monster.
10. 2,000 people will still leave the country for greener pastures every day, just as they always have – This will increase to 3,000 or more. Some of them are likely to stay in greener pastures for good and forget their fail pango “heritage”.

To those who choose this route, I salute you. At least you won’t have to suffer under a kakistocracy.

To those who are going to be stuck in this nightmare, I can’t wish you luck – because we’re going to be troops for the inevitable “liberation” of the Philippines.