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Politics Fiend

I felt that I’ve given too much weight on “Maps” and “everything else”. Too little “politics”. This post should (hopefully) rectify that.

My vote

I believe that everyone has their choices for the various elected officials – from the President to the municipal/city councilors

PRESIDENT: Gilbert Teodoro [8]

VICE-PRESIDENT: Bayani Fernando [3]

SENATORS (one slot available):

  • Silvestre Bello III [6]
  • Miriam Defensor Santiago [13]
  • Ramon Guico [18]
  • Alexander Lacson [23]
  • Raul Lambino ]24]
  • Ferdinand Marcos, Jr [32]
  • Jovito Palparan, Jr [41]
  • Vicente Sotto III [53]
  • Adel Tamayo [54]
  • Francisco Tatad [57]
  • Alexander Tinsay [58]


Local Officials

MEMBER, HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES (3rd District, Laguna): Florante Aquino [2]


PROVINCIAL VICE-GOVERNOR (Laguna): Eleanor Reyes [6]


  • Angelica Alarva [1]**
  • Michael Potenciano [8]

MAYOR (San Pablo City): NOT VOTING

VICE-MAYOR (San Pablo City): Frederick Ilagan [1]

Explaining the vote

Gilbert Teodoro – His platforms are clear and understandable. Does not engage in mudslinging unlike the other 8 candidates. Only downside is his association with the current administration. (Is that the administration that managed to pull off over 30 quarters of unprecedented growth? Is that the administration that managed to have various projects to bring progress and growth to the countryside? Is that the administration that concentrated on infrastructure projects that help reduce travel time? The answer is obvious)
Bayani Fernando – Even if Edu Manzano is Gibo’s partymate, I have to choose Bayani Fernando, because his stints in Marikina and in the MMDA have results that benefit the silent and progressive majority. Not the usual noisemakers and whiners that you see during the news. In short, Edu and Bayani are both capable for the job. But Bayani gets my vote, because of visible results that are beneficial to all.
Senators (will keep this short) – Bello, Defensor-Santiago, Guico, Lambino, Marcos, Palparan, Sotto, Tamano, Tatad = experience and expertise in their various fields of work; Lacson, Tinsay = passion, capability, and lack of political toxins in their system
ANAD – Poverty alleviation
Florante Aquino – This should be his last election as a candidate for any position. Therefore, he needs OUR support. Contrary to certain reports, he is for the extension of the South Luzon Expressway (but it shouldn’t pass through heavily-forested areas).
NO VOTE FOR GOVERNOR – I could have chosen either Emilio Ejercito, Ranil Hernandez or Dennis Lazaro, but I decided not to vote.
Eleanor Reyes – she’s from San Pablo City. And she’s my friend on Facebook. And does a lot of things that can make our city proud.
Angelica Alarva – Even if a family member had certain differences with her mother, I’m still voting for her. I always vote based on experience and capability. Even if she lacks experience, we should at least give her props for, capability (plus her unwavering commitment to help her future constituents). But she should avoid the various temptations that are associated with politics.
Michael Potenciano – I believe that he should win. ‘Nuff said.
NO VOTE FOR MAYOR – This contest should have been a two horse race, BTW. Only problem: Amante’s downside is his brothers, Escudero’s problem is his temper.
Frederick Ilagan – He has done a lot of good for his city, specifically his campaign to rid our beloved city of illegal drugs, one of society’s pressing problems.

In a few hours, there will be a ban on drinking and campaigning. I say buy as much liquor as possible or stay in a hotel for 2 days and buy all the liquor that you want.