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Twenty Ten’d

Since WordPress decided to add another theme, I tried it, and this is the first big update since I re-activated this blog over a year ago. There are a lot of changes, most notably the header.

The header is based on a pic that I took on my way to a field trip. And it fits the tagline to something that is very comfortable. [If you want to grab the pic, here it is (the cropped version, original pic is here – not recommended for “slow” computers). Don’t forget that this pic is CC BY-SA, per the Copyright page]

  • Maps – The Alabang Viaduct (northbound|southbound)
  • Politics – 2 billboards by politicians
  • Everything else – The clouds, sky, cars utilizing the viaduct, power lines, etc.

The other things that changed are the pages that have something to do with certain legalese. I managed to tweak certain things (minor corrections in the document/s, consistent <span> tags, ways to report copyright violation/s and privacy infringement (hard lessons were learned since 2 months ago). Hopefully, I’ll manage to overhaul the rest of this site and re-open it for business come early June.