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OPO (Okay, Parody Only)

Since it is the sea$on of mudslinging, maybe it’s appropriate to dissect a parody video that I found on YouTube.

But first, the original video.

(If video isn’t accessible from here, the link is )


Voiceover: Kontra ka ba sa kasalukuyang administrasyon?
Gilbert Remulla: OPO, dahil ayoko ng mandaraya
Col. Arnel Querubin: OPO, pinakulong nila ako
Adel Tamano: OPO, panahon pa ni FPJ
Bongbong Marcos: OPO, kontrang kontra
Voiceover: Galit ka ba sa pangungurakot?
Monmon Mitra: OPO, panahon pa ng tatay ko
Satur Ocampo: OPO, ito ang nagpapahirap sa bayan
Gwen Pimentel: OPO, buong pamilya namin
Manny Villar: OPO, suportahan natin ang tunay na oposisyon
Noon pa man, kontra na sa pang-aapi, sa tiwali at abusadong gobyerno.
Para tapusin ang kahirapan, ang sagot?
Everyone: OPO!

For those who are too lazy to click and wait for the video to load, here are the descriptions of the above-mentioned candidates:

  • Gilbert Remulla – Namuno sa impeachment hearings (Headed  impeachment hearings [against President Arroyo])
  • Col. Arnel Querubin – Ipinagtanggol ang karapatan ng sundalo (Defended the rights of soldiers)
  • Adel Tamano – Boses ng Genuine Opposition, 2007 (Voice of the Genuine Opposition, 2007)
  • Bongbong Marcos – Lider ng oposisyon sa Kongresso (Head of the opposition in Congress)
  • Monmon Mitra – Sundalong nagtanggol sa Konstitusyon (Soldier who defended the Constitution)
  • Satur Ocampo – Apat na dekadang lumalaban sa pangungurakot (Fought against corruption for four decaded
  • Gwen Pimentel – Crusader against Graft and Corruption
  • Manny Villar – Pina-imbestigahan ang fertilizer scam at ZTE Broadband Deal (Ordered the investigation of the fertilizer scam and the ZTE Broadband Deal [under his watch as Senate President])

Well, here comes the more fun part.

Apparently, there are people who love to make parodies out of popular culture – especially those that involve a bit of a lot of politics.

This involves trashing a subculture known as Jejemons, since they are notorious for using sticky caps in social networking sites and in short messaging (text) services and the use of “jejeje”. (Also, they are distinguished with a rainbow design at the back of their hats na nakapatong sa ulo [that are placed on their heads and not “properly worn”]) Apparently, the Pinoy netizens had enough and decided to “save them” by posting their pics showing the jeje culture philistinism, thus shaming them and forcing them to unjeje themselves.

(If video isn’t accessible from here, the link is )


Voiceover: Kontra ka ba sa "ah-jeh-jeh-jeh-jeh-jeh"?
Gilbert Remulla: OPO, Dahil ayoko ng tanga
Col. Arnel Querubin: OPO, Mayabang kasi
Adel Tamano: OPO, Panahon pa ng Friendster!
Bongbong Marcos: OPO, Wala silang utak!
Galit ka ba sa mga Jejemon?
Monmon Mitra: OPO, Salot sila sa lipunan.
Satur Ocampo: OPO, Dahil sinira nila ang laptop ko.
Gwen Pimentel: OPO, fuckshit sila!
Manny Villar: OPO! Suportahan natin ang giyera laban sa jologs.
Noon pa man, kontra na sa mali, mayabang at sira ulong jejemons.
Lipunin ang mga jeje! Ang sagot?
Everyone: OPO!

Here comes the lulzy descriptions:

  • Gilbert Remulla – Grammar Nazi
  • Col. Arnel Querubin – Anti-Jejemon Troll
  • Adel Tamano – Facebook Addict
  • Bongbong Marcos – Manufacturer ng Keyboard (Keyboard Manufacturer)
  • Monmon Mitra – Garena DOTA Player
  • Satur Ocampo – English language teacher/advocate
  • Gwen Pimentel – May-ari ng computer shop (computer shop owner)
  • Manny Villar – Dating leader ng “mH0rh1ONez OG’s at SZanThA mHar1Ah ThUgz” (Former leader of the Moriones Original Gangsters and Santa Maria Thugs [de-jejefied that just for you])

Why the lulz? Basically, they changed the lines to fit the descriptions (and/or vice versa). I also like the line uttered by Gwen Pimentel (or the one who “dubbed” her), Gilbert Remulla and Satur Ocampo.

Even if we are in the middle of the free mud zone, we should find a bit of laughter and lolz. POLITICS FTW!