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Holy holy weak

Yes, I’m blogging today – one of the most holy days for Roman Catholics. Is it bad? Is it a sin? No and no. And I can’t wait for this week to over. Here are my reasons:

  1. Most non-cable TV and radio stations sign-off from Thursday to Saturday (and if they are on-air, the choice is limited – either you get something that has to do with Holy Week, like the Passion of the Christ. Apparently, ABS-CBN decided to show something different – A Dangerous Life, a movie that documents the events from the assassination of Mr. 500-Peso bill to the biggest mass action movement instigated by the United States Government. For what? That son!)
  2. Most shops and sari-sari (mom-and-pop convenience stores found in most parts of the Philippines) are closed. What if you ran out of toothpaste at 4:15 PM on a Black Saturday? Then hope that the owner of that store isn’t Catholic. Thank God that some shops and stores are open on those days.
  3. Too many restrictions on Holy Week, like no taking a bath after 3 PM on Good Friday and no eating of meat (except for fish and seafood)
  4. The weather. Like what my aunt said, “It’s hot in the Philippines. Why can’t we migrate to America?” Because every year since 1992, we usually go to 14 churches and do the Way of the Cross. This year, we decided to skip that and concentrate on the annual Good Friday procession in downtown San Pablo City.

But then again, it happens once a year and we need to do that – to atone for our sins, forgive and forget, and all that. And we have a clean slate on Easter, and we wallow ourselves in sin for the rest of the year. Then we repeat the cycle – maybe until 2012 or 2060 or at that time that He only knows.

Today, we are hoping that Jesus Christ will rise from the dead. Tomorrow, He resurrects, and we’re back to our sinful ways come Monday morning.