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Two days in Baguio

Since tomorrow and Friday are no blogging and no internet days (read: bummer), might as well turn this into a real post (even if I have a couple of posts still on the backburner, especially one dedicated to OpenStreetMap, which will be published in 2 weeks).

Out of 502 waypoints that I took on my Baguio trip, approximately 65% are either on the map or discarded for various reasons (one of them is car too fast, no time to take down notes). Some of the noted additions on the map are <-telephones-> emergency phones along the North Luzon Expressway, plus motorway junctions, an impassable Bued Bridge (since February this year), and more points of interest. Plus the fact that we were allowed to enter the Luisita Access Road (some call it Luisita Parkway), even if I posted something that will make the owners of the place less than happy (a political slogan, since one of the owners of the place is running for the highest elected position in government). On that trip, I tripped in Mines View Park, some of my nieces, nephews, some cousins and my sister spent more time camwhoring, and I got pissed since most the above-mentioned persons took turns in disrupting my “pictorial” in front of the Baguio Cathedral. And it’s not fun when your cousin copied some of the antics of some of your nieces, nephews, and sister (most notable is the hit-a-person-when-you-see-a-car-older-than-23-years

From my personal perspective, Baguio’s layout can be confusing for a first-timer. It was my third time to visit the place, and I am kinda disoriented. Plus, there are new buildings going up in various spots. I hope that they avoid the mistakes that caused various structures to collapse in 1990.

In Mines View Park, I noticed that the Saint Bernards are becoming tourist attractions in their own right (PHP 25 per pic, PHP 50 for 3 shots, and you don’t own the copyright because there are persons hired to take the pic of you with the canine/s).

I also bought something for my classmate in History 1 – Cornflakes coated with chocolate. I could have bought her something else, but the cornflakes taste better IMHO. One of my classmates in Math 17 asked for a purple beret, but I wasn’t able to go online in Baguio.

Again, this could be my final post before the three-to-four day sabbatical. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank my Math 17 professor Jayson Cortez for making the said subject fun and exciting, even if I did not make the cut in the end.

If I ever make a post tomorrow, pray that I won’t get into bigger trouble for the next 18 months or so.