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A serious to-do list for the rest of March

  1. Fire two of my waiters at Cafe World Unnecessary
  2. Plan the Visita Iglesia route (Preferably the San Pablo-Alaminos-Padre Pio Shrine/San Pedro-Santo Tomas-Tanauan-Malvar-Lipa Cathedral-Carmelite Convent Lipa-San Jose-Ibaan-Rosario-Padre Garcia-Tiaong-Dolores route)
  3. Study hard for the Final examinations of English 1 (for Ma’m Mila Blauta), IT1 (for Sir Vlad Mariano), History 1 (for Sir Robert Mata) and Civic Welfare Training Service 1 (for Sir Romel Daya and the facis ~ Ate Sam, Kuya Arvin and Kuya Potchi [because their full names could be on the exam]), because you need HIGH grades for you to skip Math 17
  4. Spending the last days of classes with your classmates/collegemates/practically anyone