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Follow whom? (For IT1)

My professor in IT1 (@vladmariano) wants his students in IT1 to follow at least five famous persons on Twitter (see below):

  • Bill Gates (One of the most influential persons in information technology and one of the top philantrophists ever): @BillGates
  • Lady Gaga (One more reason why we should be hit by an asteroid and start life all over again, provided that some smart and sane persons survive the asteroid assault): @ladygaga
  • Anne Curtis (Perfect verb for her: beautiful): @annecurtissmith
  • Gilbert Teodoro (My personal choice for the presidency in 2010): @giboteodoro
  • Barack Obama (The 44th President of the United States of America, first person from the political scene to “completely utilize” the internet): @BarackObama

Though the list is okay, let me establish a personal “to follow” list, which is 3 times longer than the original.

  1. Mo Twister (The Kobe Bryant of Philippine radio): @djmotwister
  2. Anne Curtis: @annecurtissmith
  3. Andi Manzano (1/2 of the Top5@5 on Magic 89.9, former MTV Philippines VJ): @andimanzano
  4. Andre “Soulja Boy” Way (Musician and entrepreneur): @souljaboytellem
  5. Tyrese Gibson (Musician and Actor): @Tyrese4ReaL
  6. Gerry Alanguilan (From the City of Seven Lakes, Pinoy Comic book artist): @komikero
  7. Paul Farol (Pinoy blogger, [in]famous for PinoyBuzz and his various write-ups [including the Valley Golf incident and the 2010 elections]): @paulfarol
  8. Chamillionaire (Musician and prolific Twitter user): @chamillionaire
  9. Grace Lee (One of Mo Twister’s co-hosts on Magic 89.9): @gracelee899
  10. Carlos Celdran (“The Walking Man of Manila”): @carlosceldran
  11. Gilbert Teodoro: @giboteodoro
  12. Nelly Furtado (Multilingual musician, originally from Canada): @NellyFurtado
  13. Elgin “Ginuwine” Lumpkin (Musician): @Ginuwine09
  14. Will Wheaton (Actor, author, blogger, columnist): @wilw
  15. Drew Carey (Host of The Price is Right, actor): @DrewFromTV

Other suggestions? Post it at the comments section. Clue: You may want to follow @a_schmeing private account (Because there are things that are left “untouched”.)

UPDATE: BTW, you can also follow Mojo Javier (Magic 89.9’s “Radio Supermodel”): @mojojojo899.


6 responses to “Follow whom? (For IT1)

  1. Paul Farol ⋅


    Why me? Hu-hu-hu-hu-hu

    Why oh huwaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

  2. Is it okay if I replace it with someone else?

  3. Paul Farol ⋅

    Naaah… It’s all right Ian. I am just kidding with you.

    Blog on!

  4. Paul Farol ⋅

    You might also want to follow mojojojo899, he’s like the 12th most popular person on Philippine twitter

  5. Paul Farol ⋅

    I met @a_schmeing dude, at the Jaguary showroom in Buendia.

    She is sooooo…. hmmmmmm… need I say it?

  6. sorry for the late reply. you can use such words here (unless there is a reason for you not to use use words)

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