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Limits on key:website (OSM Series Part 1)

Note: Post is too Philippine-centric, as it may not represent the global view of the subject/topic.

Since OpenStreetMap is being adopted and used on a more epic scale (compared to one or two years ago, thanks to the Haiti earthquake), more people are adding relevant information on the said page. The problem with adding such content is that we don’t have limits (meaning that spamming is a possibility). As a contributor, maybe we should set up some limits:

  • Links to Facebook pages, profiles, and groups are a big no. (Let’s also include links to other social networking, online dating, and other similar sites and resources to this restriction.) However, you can add the website’s main page on the node/way representing the place where the company’s HQ is.
  • Links to certain private individuals (politicians, celebrities, and the like), regardless if it is a link to social networking sites, official, unofficial, quasi-official, or parody pages (including Wikipedia articles) are also a big no. Especially if you post such info on the location of concerned person’s house/s.
  • Links to government offices, schools, museums, and certain establishments are allowed. (Some examples here, here, here, here, here, here, and here)
  • Links to the “official pages” and Wikipedia articles of towns, cities, provinces/states, and even countries are OK (You may have to enter .gov or .gov.* or similar subdomains in the website tag for some countries, like the Philippines. Sites dedicated to promoting their tourism industry, regardless if it is official or not may not be posted, since it can rise possible suspicion. One example can be found here.)
  • Tinyurl and links shouldn’t be allowed.