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Why remove something that is harmless?

Thirty minutes ago, I opened a letter, whose subject is “Hi Ian”. Apparently, it came from a batch-mate of mine in UPLB (Clue: she has a Gmail account, and she is from the College of Arts of Sciences). She wanted me to pull down a pic that I posted on this blog. I granted her request, no questions asked.

Is it a small price to pay for your “artistic expression”? No, because WordPress doesn’t allow advertising for blogs hosted under (And I’m lucky enough to post Kevin Ray Chua’s version of that Manny Villar jingle without being perplexed by the “Get to know about Manny Villar” ads posted here. I asked his permission to post it here, since stealing content from a fellow blogger is a reckless act on my book.) Kidding aside, that cost me 0.01% of my reputation. According to an eight year-old post in a mailing list archive, “My reputation does not have a price tag”. It applies to all, by the way.

To be honest, this is just a minor setback. A VERY, VERY minor one. What if I wrote an entire post (or a series of posts) dedicated to character assassination? Will I have to leave San Pablo and stay with my relatives in Lipa, Taguig, Lucena or in England, because of my write-ups? Maybe. Get sued for libel and all that shit, and hire bodyguards so that I don’t have to get bucked for my posts? A possibility, but that could happen in five to ten years, either a graduate or a dropout.

But that is just part of “another day in the life of Ian Lopez”. Some will love your shit, but some will hate you for it. Otherwise, they don’t give a fuck.

I’d love to create an anonymous blog, but it’s best for me to stick to my real persona and write more about the love of OpenStreetMap, local politics (since it’s a triple threat match in my neck of the woods), my college life in Los Baños, my family history (I’m planning to finish that post in a week), and more rants on the failures in various aspects of Philippine society, politics and entertainment included.

Let me remind you that this is better than to be emailed by some law school dropout, demanding that you remove a pic of his/her client doing shit. At least I can get my reputation back in some other way.

I didn’t brake the window glass, I was trying to throw some stones on that damned bird!


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