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Taking responsibility and a contract

I, Ian Lopez, resident of San Pablo City, Laguna and citizen of the Philippines,

  • Will no longer be part of various processes that will not benefit the Filipino people in General
  • Will not participate in activities that will ruin various institutions, including schools, colleges, universities, government, the economy, military, and the like
  • Will solve various problems through peaceful and lawful means, regardless of its seriousness and repercussions
  • Will participate (as much as possible) in processes and forums provided by persons, organizations, groups, companies, and the government, to ensure that the voice of the people (including our dreams, hopes, wishes, and aspirations) will be heard.
  • Would rather have dialogues with persons who are involved in processes and schemas that may affect the Filipino youth, especially students, than to organize or be part of protests actions that could lead to nowhere.
  • And will participate in the electoral process, which is important for every nation.

Also, I will be responsible for my actions, strive to improve myself – academically, personally, and in other ways, and to avoid the temptations that lured many young people into danger, disaster, desparation, and untimely death.

Ian Lopez