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trying to keep my sanity

A few hours ago, my classmates in Math 17 were surprised to see me join the anti-Large lecture class protest.

Why, Ian? Are you now one of “them”?

To be honest, I just joined the protest action because I felt that there was no consultation with the affected students, and I felt that large classes aren’t interactive. In large classes, you may have to seat at the front row and/or have to comprehend the lessons well. That’s what I did for most of my classes in UPLB, large class or not.

Anyway, I managed to sneak out of the rally, then sneak back in, then sneak out of the rally, because I had classes at that point. Am I embarrassed with my actions? Maybe. Regretting my participation? Probably. Pero sayang ang effort (according to my friend), since there are better ways of expressing various grievances to the concerned officials. However, they may not listen. Regardless, sayang talaga.

I believe that I’ve antagonized too many people – classmates, teachers, and other people that want me to become a more successful person. Anyway, I’d like to emphasize that “I joined to condemn the planned expansion of the Large Classes scheme to other Foundation and GE classes, not the other issues that were brought up”. Again, sorry for those that were antagonized.

Again, I’m not affiliated with the groups that joined the demonstration held earlier. And no, di pa ako brainwashed.