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Ending 2009

Early in the year, I made the pathetic effort in “remodeling” this blog into “surviving 2009”, which was a bad idea on my part. Anyway, there are some events that made my life a bit iffy in the past couple of days.

  • First, this. Worse, he got shot. A couple of times. Wa na pake ako dyan.
  • Second, some family problems. What is private is private, said my mother.
  • Third, the files that I’ve transferred from my USB to my nephew’s computer got deleted, since it slowed down its performance. But the good news, is that my cousin (my nephew’s father) saved some files. The bad news, is that I have a collection of pics of my friends and me (no camwhore stuff), some very rare songs (like I Ain’t Bullshittin’ by the 2 Live Crew and the Kanye West version of Twista’s Slow Jamz), and two 50 Cent music videos – Crime Wave and the controversial Stretch, plus Marie Digby’s version of Say It Right.
  • Forth, my computer got fucked. (Wait, that was sometime in early December).
  • And I am kulelat (have low grades) in Math 17. But i’m trying my best to improve my grades (and reach 1.75).

But those are just nothing compared to the blessings:

  • I got paid on Christmas Day – and I was able to save more money for the RCM EAF (private acronym, will tell you before the 23rd of January)
  • I was able to upload crucial traces and waypoints on OpenStreetMap, and travel a bit more (other than the usual routes)
  • I made more friends in real life, and I was able to meet some of my former classmates from pre-school and elementary days (how nice)
  • And I made an effort to be nice to some persons that I didn’t like.

Since I’m ending this year blaming it on The Bar, let me say thank you to the SK Chairpersons in San Pablo City (including my friend and my SK Chairman Epoy for the opportunity to participate in the meeting of SK Chaurpersons that happened some Saturdays back), my groupmates at IT 1 V-3L Lab section (kat, jekkah, ehdz, eman, tajroo, mitch, anne, gieane, dani, and the rest, whose names I forgot), my “classmates’ in Math 17, English 1, PE 1, History 1, IT 1 lecture class, CWTS 1, Economics 10, all in UPLB, to some of my mother’s friends, who are supporting me in my UPLB life – one way or another, my relatives, and of course, my parts and my sister.

Time to celebrate the rest of the year! See you in 2010!