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The supposed mapping turf war

A few months ago, I was starting my mapping campaign in Los Baños. at that time, Google’s legion of MapMakers have managed to map out a large percentage of the said place. Between then and now, I’ve managed to skin their ass when it comes to mapping (even though my coverage is limited to the University of the Philippines Los Baños campus and some nearby areas).  A few days ago, I compared their shit from mine. Looks like they’re “fighting back”. Oooh, I’m fucking scared.


Here are some notes:

  • Brain Train is visible on both maps. I mapped it as a building on OpenStreetMap (first), they mapped it as a school.
  • Virtually of Umali Subdivision’s roads are visible on OSM, some roads on MapMaker don’t even get it right, despite their advantage (using more superior aerial images)
  • Despite my pathetic efforts of adding building polygons in the UPLB area, MapMaker’s inaccuracies (and the lack of a fertile tree) are going to make that piece of the Philippines one of the most mapped places in South East Asia, if not the entire world.
  • How about some misspelled and non-existent POI’s? Not in OSM.
  • And have I told you that they lack a street in Santa Fe Subdivision? (The “missing” street is a dirt road, BTW)

And speaking of fighting back, they have started to make inroads in my home city. Solution? Add things that the big G can’t. Like housenumbers (here and here).

Postscript: I’ve also added some housenumbers in the southern fringes of Umali Subdivision and parts of the Forestry area.


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    Man! house numbers! Gotta catch up on you then 🙂

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