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My 2009 wishlist

Even though 2009 will end in a couple of weeks, I’ve decided to make a wish list for this year, since I lack those things, or need things since the things that I have right now are no longer up to my standards. (UPDATE: this will be updated until probably the 2nd week of November)

  1. A new computer. Since last week, my old computer is giving me a hard time and lots of shit. I’ve tweeted about it (not just one, but over a dozen), and so far, I’m still stuck with this crunk of shit. It really sucks when Firefox uses between 50 to over 135 MB of Virtual Memory. Laptops are okay, but I prefer a desktop computer with Windows 7.
  2. A new anti-virus program for my new computer. Make it ESET NOD32, please. I’m happy with that anti-virus program, since it was able to repel attempts to fuck up my computer many times over.
  3. A new mobile phone. My current mobile phone model is the Motorola C650. A Nokia XpressMusic phone is a prefered replacement (this will do), but no “China phones”. (China phones are usually cheap, but most copy the designs of leading mobile phone brands and have “bad graphics”) I’ll probably flip when my parents give me a China phone as my birthday present. Sorry, but we have to upgrade. China phones = cheap. China phone as a gift/present = makes the recipient/s look even cheaper. At least some GRO’s have second-hand N95’s.
  4. A 500 GB to 2 TB external hard disk drive. Because you need that extra space for your collection of music, photos, and videos, and possibly a copy of Need For Speed and Grand Theft Auto – Vice City.
  5. A Garmin GPS. They say that Garmins are the best when it comes to GPS devices. My dream Garmin would either be a GPSMAP, or an eTrex, when mapping either on foot, bicycle, or on a moving vehicle. Also useful for navigation, if it is tweaked to receive OSM maps. (There is a page where one can download OSM data to one’s Garmin, but this is for the Philippines)
  6. Another cabinet. I own an antique cabinet, but the bad news is that I have too many clothes, too little space. Plastic cabinets are okay, since they are cheap, and can store a good number of things that are usually scattered in my room.
  7. An Unmanned Aerial Vehicle – Aerials for my home city suck. Might as well have one those planes and use it for OpenStreetMap tracing (and to impress a good number of people). MikroKopters will also do, though not classified as such.
  8. Bank, Paypal and AdSense accounts – because you need to get paid.