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No redacts, no protections

Barely an hour ago, I made a round of tweets that had something to do with the trending topic (as of this writing) “#wethetweeple”. Originally, it has something to do with the media in India, like anonymous advertisments, “dictated” reviews of books and movies by certain people, and obvious media bias. Does it sound familiar? Since it became a trending topic, it was more or less “hijacked” by persons who want other twitter users to follow them, obvious spammers, and by people who take the said topic out-of-context.

Well, what about my tweets? First, I tweeted that “we” don’t want another Aquino presidency, since Kris Aquino will be the de facto president (and her brother will be president – only in title). Even before Lourd de Vera posted “Shut Up Little Sister”, there are many reasons that floated in the blogosphere on why we shouldn’t vote for Noynoy Aquino – I think that most of them have to do with Kris (and her constant talking).

The second is basically a retweet of the person who originated he said hash tag. Apparently, our media, like the media in India, like “sucking celeb dick and kissing powerful asses”. It’s obvious that a big television network is kissing powerful asses. BTW, who’s that politico that got a lucky gal from that television network? Your guess is as good is mine. How about kissing celeb dick? Well, the network’s audience sucks celeb dick. The celeb (in turn) gets to suck network dick, since the network makes them celebs and stars, right? So, what’s worse than sucking celeb dick and kissing powerful ass? Eating celebrity and influential bullshit.

That said tweet is “dedicated to the Philippine media, especially for those who are covering politics, entertainment, and “high” society.” Well, we got some celeb dicks writing, producing and directing. I’m sure that there is at least one celeb dick writing in any major paper’s entertainment and/or lifestyle section.

And finally, I gave a big fart from my ass and directed it to two of the Philippines’ biggest showbiz figures (Ruffa G. and Kris). I just tell them to “shut the fuck up”. For good reason. I also followed the advice of Ashok Banker (the originator of the #wethetweeple; ) – block all media persons on Twitter. Fortunately, I only blocked some assholes. More to come, as they say.

And before anyone of you will try to sue me for libel, let me liberally quote one of Ashok’s tweets (which is my fave):

Truth is acceptable defense for defamation!

BTW, you can freely view my tweets on my twitter page (link is at the right side of my blog) or on “Twitter Updates” (also found on the right side). Also, I won’t lock/protect my tweets until probably the start of January 2010.