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rules of the mapping game

A couple of weeks passed since my last post here. Since then, I was busy in Los Baños for some unknown reason. Even worse, I may end up “trapped” in that place.

I was also in the process of turning my GPS waypoints that I made in the last 3 trips to Manila into a good part of OSM data, which means good news for us OSMers. And I made a few more GPS traces since the last time I travelled to Manila. Two for my home city, one for last week’s hike somewhere in Los Baños. The last one is a long trace, but the hike skipped a few places. The good thing about it is that I “discovered” some places that are too fast to be noticed when one is in a vehicle.

The obsession continues, and I can’t wait to get a new computer, so that I can edit in Meerkartor or JOSM, which has some advantages over Potlach. The again, I want to edit live, so that I can see my changes ASAP. Maybe I should have some tools to make aerial images (since the GPS signal in the downtown area is messy), like an RC plane or helicopter, or maybe a baloon.

We (we as in the Pinoy OSM community) are now in the process of preparing for another mapping party. This time, it will be two simultaneous mapping parties – one in Manila, and one in Davao. However, it may not happen, since most of the contributors in Davao are from the academe, and October 17 is a busy day (for them), since that day is the last day for exam week in most schools in Davao. Other than that, I’m excited, since another mapping party will happen within 50 kilometers or so from my home city. There are many places to choose from, but I believe that mapping a cemetery that is notable for its “residents” will be a treat.

I think that the C-5 extension (either in the north or in the south) will be the icing in OSM’s Metro Manila cakes, but the north has more “surprises”, since there is ongoing construction of the Mindanao Avenue-NLEX connection (as described here). This could mean that we are ahead of the competition (including but not limited to Google Map Maker and Wikimapia).

Speaking of the “north”, Anthony Balico is now editing a huge chunk of the Valenzuela-Novaliches area. He used to add a bunch of roads within the Philippines, but the source was tainted, so (most of) it is now gone from the OSM database. Anyway, let’s just hope that he can change for the better and join the mapping party. He might not know it, but he could gain some experience from other OpenStreetMap contributors.

Will have to cut it here, since I have to do a longer post regarding my experiences on OpenStreetMap.