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24 hours from now, I’ll be in Antipolo City for a couple of days since I have some sort of meeting in downtown Manila in daylight hours. If I’m not commuting, inside the meeting venue or within the hotel during curfew hours (read: lockdown), maybe I’ll sneak in something for OpenStreetMap. It has been a while since there was some good edits in that area, and that could mean an opportunity to map Antipolo. (map here) Hopefully, I’ll be able to set the homepage of some workstation in an internet cafe (amenity=cafe; internet_access=terminal) to OpenStreetMap, showing the Antipolo portion. Could qualify as some sort of guerilla marketing, but it may backfire since it could Wikimapize the area (for those who may not understand the term, Wikimapia is a bit similar to Wikipedia, but it uses Google Maps to describe the area, which means that Wikimapia is copyrighted. Due to near-rampant vandalism and vanity on the said site (despite some efforts to cull those problems), Wikimapia has claimed a more-or-less less than reputable reputation). I do hope that the past, present, and future OSMers living in Antipolo and Rizal province can improve OSM data in one way or another, in a good way (of course). (BTW, the nearest active OSMer in Rizal is Rally de Leon, who lives just a town away from the place that I’m staying for a few days [Taytay, Rizal]. He also joined the Tagaytay mapping party last May)

By the way, my father reminded me that I might get lost in that place. But then again, my moves are being watched by my companions, which means that my father will have some peace of mind.

There was a public domain song (in Tagalog) about going to Antipolo (and one verse probably mentioned “Hinulugang Taktak”, which should be under some sort of restoration efforts right now, similar to Tagaytay’s People’s Park in the Sky). Anyway, I’ll be there “a few hours” from now. If you see me in the church, just holla at me.