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OSM addiction/obsession mode

Some posts on my blog highlight my obsession for talking about things that have something to do with OpenStreetMap. Fortunately, there are two things that can help enhance my OSM addiction (and they are/were recently found from my workstation): OSM data as Google Earth Layer, and a way to check for OSM stats for certain countries.

The OpenStreetMap data as Google Earth Layer has been around for two months, but I’m stuck with a crappy Google Translate description of it (since it is in German, which is somewhat similar to English). Anyway, he (Markus Bader) told us (in this blogger’s words) that “OSM data that is/was used as an overlay to Google Earth data is to remain “free” – as in CC BY-SA 2.0, but the satellite data from Google Earth is to remain copyrighted/licensed.” If you want to view Markus’ post (in German, in case you have forgotten), here it is. If you also view that post, you can also find the file containing the .KML file containing the overlay, and see the result of a very detailed OSM coverage of Karlsruhe, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany – the “birthplace ” of the the Karlsruhe Schema, possibly the best schema used in any online map-making service.

A way has been found to check for statistics regarding OpenStreetMap data for certain countries, thanks to OSM contributor Komzpa (sorry, can’t put Cyrillic characters on my blog due to spam detection and prevention). Anyway, he “has found a way to check for OSM data stats per country, but it is currently limited to Europe (in alphabetical order: Belarus [Komzpa’s home country], Croatia, Kosovo, Latvia, Macedonia, Russia, and Ukraine). According to his post on the OSM user diaries page, Geofabrik creates daily data dumps for these countries, which is great news for OSM contributors who live in those areas. Hopefully, the guys from Geofabrik can create daily dumps for almost every internationally recognized countries and territories (around 250~ as of last count), including the Philippines, where OSM has an active community.

Since I’m in the mood for finding for “secret paths” within a kilomerer radius of my neighborhood (some of those paths are located in residential areas, which probably contain a portion of the D & E classes and are considered dangerous by some), I just hope, pray, and believe that I’ll be safe, go home in one piece, and still have that loaned GT-31 – in a near-perfect, but working condition. By the way, I’ll be uploading some YouTube videos (within 2 weeks) that contain “raw footage” of me mapping some back portion of San Pablo City – an area seldom visited by non-residents. But for now, let me make “a few more edits”, ok?

UPDATE @ 6:12 PM (August 26, 2009) – Niger now has a daily data dump! (more here)

UPDATE @ 4:56 PM (September 19, 2009) – The YouTube video that I couldhave uploaded was deleted since the videos have some sort of error. Will upload some new ones just to compensate.