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Those (expletive) songs

Regarding the airing of two songs wit supposed sexual innendo (in Tagalog), I bet you that some dead person will be turning in his grave. Some old bishop has complained regarding those two songs and he thinks that it is teaching them “immoral things”. If you’re think straight, nothing’s probably immoral. But if you are manyak (green-minded in street Tagalog), you may need to “fix” your brain.

There’s nothing wrong with “Banana”, which sampled Akon’s Right Now (Na Na). They can either be manyak or think about a poor banana vendor, a banana and related shit. However, “Nagmamahal ako ng Bakla” is a poor immitation of any 2 Live Crew song (even though 2 Live Crew targets young women for sexual desire in their songs), and it is a subtle announcement to some people to become gay and have sexual relations with men. I don’t mind if one or twelve decided to come out of the closet because of that song. However, our culture isn’t comfortable with too many gay people. Especially if this culture is dominated by machismo. Even worse, a very popular station (clue: memory) that has turned millions of brain cells into mush has played those songs back to back, including that song that uses “Insomnia” by Craig David as its tempo or whatever. The latter song sucks, since it is incomprehensible and the singer is very damn annoying. Just a question: Isn’t that station (and its talents) supposed to be role models for every Filipino? No, since they play very shitty jokes every possible hour and so, and fuck no, since they’re doing a good job in fooling and dumbing down a good percentage of people within Mega Manila. I’d hope that they would help mold Filipinos into smarter and more competent persons.

And how about original content and creativity – we’re not supposed to make remakes of 80’s songs and current hits and turn them into RnB versions or whatever. If there are artists in the enitre Philippines that have all-original content in their albums, good for them. But if they adapt remakes, I raise a one finger salute and that is no salute for you. You know who’s remaking what and why the fuc are you still listening to it. My parents would be pissed if their original compositions, which they could have performed during their prime, are to be sang by some “prince and princess of RnB”. If I was a top honcho of a top music company, I’d tell all the artists under the company to make all-original songs on their next albums. I will not give a fuck if it flopped. “No one should be suckered for possibly a new rendition of some 80’s song that you’ve heard it for the nth time on some masa station.” I wouldn’t blame them if it is their decision to remake those songs. But they alredy know the Philippine market. Let’s hope that tastes change to something more avant garde or something more original and hip-hop and RnB-ish.

In short, here’s my perspective: Those songs have yet to destroy Filipino moral values and creativity – wait a minute: someone who make Tagalog lyrics for Rihanna’s “Umbrella” (which is an annoying song when sung in every possible language) killed an impossibly huge chunk of our creativity. For now, let’s concentrate in the final battle against the remaining Damasos and Victorinas in the church, high-as-hell society, politics, business, and help people make the right choice in everyday life – not just in elections.

Postscript – isn’t “Birthday Sex” by Jeremih bastos? Sorry – a good number of slow jam songs have a similar theme. They just don’t mention sex or sexual acts explicitly.


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